Long Arm Quilting Services



Have a quilt pieced together - but need the backing, batting, and quilting completed?  We can help with that! We have a library of thousands of designs to match your theme - or we can even come up with a custom design for a truly one of a kind piece!


Simple Edge-to-Edge (E2E)

.017 per sq. inch

  Complex Edge-to-Edge (E2E)

.030 per sq. inch

 Custom Edge-to-Edge (E2E)

.050 per sq. inch


$25.00 flat rate

Seaming the Backing
$5.00 per seam

$5.75 per yard



(note: Add 4" of fabric on each side of your quilt for long arm machine)

Quilt Top Width Seam Orientation Yardage to Purchase
40" - 60" Horizontal  (2 x width + 12") divided by 36"
61" - 80' Vertical (2 x length + 12) divided by 36"
81" - 130" Vertical  (3 x width + 12") divided by 36"